Operation HOPE Board Member Lionel Savage Leads Youth Academy in New Orleans

August, 2011

Lionel Savage, an executive with HOPE Partner, First American Corporation, took it upon himself to lead an inspiring Youth Academy in New Orleans, featuring both Operation HOPE's Banking on Our Future, as well as our new youth entrepreneurship inspired iHOPE Program.

Here is a testimonial from Lionel himself; "...we had 55 kids show up and the day was exciting. I taught 6 hours -8:30 -2:30 yesterday that included BOOF Curriculum and Leadership Development, and then an additional 90 minutes at 6:30 PM because the kids wanted more. There is an opportunity with the International High School of New Orleans. They love what we do. The kids came in full school uniform for the activities. Get Excited!!!"


Lionel Savage continued, "...big thanks to Jackie Starr for emailing me the curriculum late Sunday night. It worked out wonderfully well. ...Today we have iTech 2000 here and we are expecting 70 kids today. The local HOPE Team is awesome, led by Oliver Bell."

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