John Hope Bryant  

As the nation acknowledges Financial Literacy Month, 2011, it is more obvious to me than ever that what we are going through now is not a just an economic recession, but a global reset, and that financial literacy is so much more than a brochure or website.

It became obvious to me as early as May, 2006, when Bob Gnaizda of Greenlining Institute and I sounded the public alarm in the American Banker that "irresponsible and predatory subprime mortgage lending was a substantial hazard for the overall economy," that this is not just economic crisis, but a crisis of virtues and values.

Capitalism for a few

Somewhere along the way we lost our storyline. We moved away from the concept of capitalism and free enterprise as something that builds or adds value to and for an "us," on some level, and reduced it to "that thing" that simply makes money for me.

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