Below is the best compliment, and I as its founder, could receive on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Sharing it with the world, as my pleasure…

Dear Mr. Jason Yancey,

My name is Orlando (last name deleted to preserve privacy of individual) and the reason I am sending you this email is to express my gratitude for the professional manner in which your staff – namely Clemen Mendoza assisted me with a BOA Loan Modification.

On July 26,2010 Clemen Mendoza was assigned my file. In my initial discussion with Clemen I was impressed by a) her calm demeanor, b) professionalism , c) genuine concern and sense of urgency to help me properly document my case for review at the bank.

Clemen reviewed with me my budget/expense profile in detail and explained the Loan Mod process in way that I fully understood each step required. She further discussed her experience in similar situations and re-iterated all available options to me.  

Over the last 18 months, I have interfaced with numerous bank employees (4-negotiators) – some were not too pleasant.  In each instance, I kept Clemen apprised and solicited counsel from her when the process was encouraging or lacked any momentum for any number of reasons. When I felt a need for back-up or support  -  Clemen Mendoza offered to join me on a conference call to address the negotiator questions and or offer clarity on specific documents.

I applaud Operation HOPE for employees like Clemen Mendoza whose exemplary customer service, knowledge base,timely response and sense of urgency contributed to me achieving my objective –   a successful  Loan Mod  - which  was completed and signed on , April 5th, 2011.

If Operation HOPE  is looking for a “gold standard” – I highly recommend that you use my experience with Clemen Mendoza as an example that her peer’s can emulate.

I sincerely thank you for an outstanding job !!!


HOPE Coalition America and the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, as part of HCA, is run by Mr. Jason Yancey of Operation HOPE, who has done an excellent job building upon the legacy of founding group director Fred D. Smith.


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