Today, Operation HOPE received some very exciting news. We are the recipient of a Google Grant award. This award gives us $10,000 worth of FREE AdWords advertising on Google per MONTH, or more than $100,000 of in-kind support per year. With this access, and using their global and digital search engine, we will be able to place various targeted Operation HOPE advertisements to specific Google users, for FREE.

We have control over the HOPE messaging which give us access to a broader audience with the flexibility of using this platform to promote our financial empowerment services, recruit HOPE Corps volunteers, engage HOPE Country Partners with our new Wikia-HOPE Global Money Initiative and overall spread an encouraging message of HOPE.

Technology is a great tool and I am happy that HOPE has embraced it in such a large way. Within the last 30-days, HOPE launched the Global Money Initiative ( in which users can translate our curriculum into any language around the world, our founder John Hope Bryant launched his new and improved blog, and coming very soon…the new and improved Operation HOPE website.

Thank you to the folks at Google for awarding us with a Google Grant. I am excited for the opportunity this brings to HOPE, in allowing us to reach a whole new audience who can take the first steps towards a life of dignity and becoming financially empowered.

Shannon Campbell
Director, HOPE Corps
Director, Wikia-HOPE Global Money Initiative

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