My vision for the Wikia-HOPE Global Money Initiative

March, 2011

Taking a Love Leadership moment with Moroccan Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Aziz Mekouar in Washington, D.C., just prior to the online press call for Wikia-HOPE Global Money.

The road to get to the launch of Wikia-HOPE Global Money was an educational process in and of itself.  From the first day I and we had a vision to create the world's first global financial literacy curriculum, I was faced with a critical decision -- I had to also agree to give it away.  The initial answer was, "no way."

I remember first approaching my fellow Young Global Leader (YGL) Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikia, at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos a couple of years ago, asking him for his counsel (and his help) with respect to making this dream real. Jimmy told me that while "yes it was possible," I also had to agree to adopt what is called a global commons license for our award winning Banking on Our Future financial literacy curriculum.  In plain English that means that we had to release our normal commercial rights for our curriculum, globally, for all users who were not utilizing our curriculum for commercial purposes.  

Frankly, it took me a minute for me to understand why this would make any sense at all, but in time it made absolute perfect sense to me, and it lined up perfectly with my approach to Love Leadership --- you get more, when you give more.

The launch this week of the Wikia-HOPE Global Money Initiative literally would not have happened had I held the project hostage to so-called traditional pay me now, fee-based "compensation."  That's called winning battles and losing wars.  

The result of "giving it all away" is literally a global opportunity; an opportunity to have a world empowered with what I call the new civil rights issue in every country, and the first global silver rights empowerment tool for individuals around the world -- financial literacy.  

Today, the people of Morocco, and people from around the world, can now access our award winning Banking on Our Future financial literacy curriculum in Arabic, French, Spanish, English, and soon German and additional language -- all because I smartened up and listened to my friend (and new father) Jimmy Wales.  Thanks Jimmy (smile).

In a world trying to recover from a global economic crisis, and where traditional corporate jobs are decreasing rather than increasing, my and our vision is teach individuals "the language of money," otherwise known as financial literacy, and to encourage them to use this new understanding as a baseline to become entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employment projects. 

I believe that in a post global economic crisis environment, financial literacy represents "capitalism for all people," and the single best way to spread the genuine hope of opportunity for all, in an economic age.

Log onto Wikia-HOPE Global Money, and help us translate this first ever global curriculum into "the languages of our world."  I can see that just today, someone has already begun translating Banking on Our Future into the language of the Scottish people.  Nice.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant











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