Led by our own Mary Hagerty, 1st senior vice president and global chief of financial literacy at Operation HOPE, our award winning Banking on Our Future program late last year surpassed 500,000 youth educated and empowered with financial literacy mark.  Congrats Mary and your global Banking on Our Future team.

Presently, Banking on Our Future, winner of the Oprah's Angel Network Award and the John Sherman Award for Excellence in Financial Education by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, is the largest urban delivery system for financial literacy empowerment in the country.  Banking on Our Future (known as BOOF within HOPE) is now serving more than 70 urban communities in  the U.S., as well as Haiti and South Africa, and soon through the Wikia-HOPE Global Money Initiative which will be brought online later this month, we will serve Morocco (in Arabic and North African French) and 50 other countries and languages around the world.  Stay tuned.

Banking on Our Future, serving approximately 3,500 urban and inner-city public schools, non-profit organizations and faith partners, such as our national agreement with the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), and my friend Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, is actively supported by more than 13,000 HOPE Corps volunteers systemwide.

Banking on Our Future teaches every child first A Course in Dignity (a collaboration with our affiliate and friends at Global Dignity), and then the basics of checking, savings, credit, investment and the history of banking, credit unions and financial services.  In South Africa we teach a course in Entrepreneurship, which we will soon also be doing in the United States, and in our Banking on Our Future, College Edition, we will soon add a Course in Giving, as most HBCU's live off of student tuition fees, when they should be likewise supported through alumi giving.  This work, presently in more than a dozen HBCUs and will in time spread to all 105, in part of a partnership between Operation HOPE and the White House Initiative on HBCUs.

So much more to do, but celebrating as well, all that has been done!

Bravo Banking on Our Future team.

John Hope Bryant, founder, Operation HOPE





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