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A note from my spiritual father, on my birthday…

J B,

I sent a greeting to you today, a poem written in tribute to one of the greatest success stories one could personally experience.

This is the story of John Bryant, a one of a kind success story–from zero to hero, having only the platform of a loving and beloved mother; one who moved from sleeping in his car to dialoguing at the White House; who was blessed by two sitting Presidents, and known to a third; one who in two decades established more offices and plants worldwide than any start up in the Fortune 500; one who has traveled world wide, yet kept the common touch.

Happy Birthday to you. The best is yet to come!


Pastor/Papa Chip Murray


it doesn't get much better than this…


Reverend Dr. Cecil "Chip" Murray was senior pastor at First A.M.E. Church in Los Angeles, which stood at the cross section of the Rodney King Riots and the city's remarkable recovery from same. Dr. Murray, who built the church from 500 members to 25,000 members, creating in his wake one of the most influence, caring and effective ministries in the nation, is singularly credited for bringing peace to the area following the riots, when no one else could.  Dr. Murray is now a professor at the USC School of Religion, and has served as the mentor and spiritual father for John Hope Bryant for the past 20 plus years.



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