A Vision from Operation HOPE: Alternative Credit Documentation

February, 2011

More than a decade ago, Operation HOPE (HOPE) and other progressive organizations and thinkers began pushing the traditional credit bureaus, and credit providers, to seriously consider adding what we called "alternative documentation" to their credit underwriting and credit review process.  

In other words, copies of rent statements, utility bills, telephone bills and other forms of non-traditional credit that simply does not show up on mainstream credit bureaus.  

Particularly for those living in inner-city and under-served communities, where mainstream credit providers (banks and other providers) simply are not plentiful, alternative documentation (or what has become known as "thick file" underwriting) is essential in order for credit providers to truly understand the credit worthiness of the applicant seeking credit from them.

Well, it is nice to see that progressive companies such as CoreLogic (formerly First American Corp) and others (see related story here) are beginning to take this ball and run with it.

Operation HOPE is making a difference; both in the lives of people, as well as leadership organizations and policy.  Both are critically important, and are part of what we call the silver rights movement.

John Hope Bryant, founder of Operation HOPE





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