The AKG Quincy Jones Q350 Headphones and Me

January, 2011

So, disclaimer first; Quincy Jones is my mentor, a friend, and the co-chair of our 5MK (5 MILLION KIDS) "Make Smart Sexy" movement at Operation HOPE.  My second disclaimer is that I purchased my first set of Q's newly released headphones because of my personal relationship, and because I wanted to feel like I was supporting his passions, as he supports mine.  Now, that said...

These headphones are AMAZING. I travel continuously in my work for Operation HOPE, often circling the planet several times a year, so a comfortable and quality headset is essential for me, as I listen to many audiobooks and music on the road.  And so, for years I stood behind Bose headphones, and still believe they are great.  After that, I swore by Dr. Dre's headphones made by Monster.  But now, I can say with absolute confidence that I have never heard anything that even comes close to the AKG Quincy Jones headphones manufactured by Harmon. 

Q told me that he personally toured the facilities and worked closely with the executives at Harmon, who he has also worked with around his music for more than 20 years, as they designed and developed his now signature headphones -- and the intense care shows.  The experience is one I cannot really put in words, but one thing I know; I will be listening to many more books and good music, as the experience is even richer now.  Even better, part of the proceeds from every purchase will go to help fund Quincy Jones' philanthropic activities.  This is "doing well and doing good too" at its best.

But don't take my word for it. Try them for yourself, and let me know what you think.

John Hope Bryant





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