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January, 2011


  • Singapore
  • LL in Mindy Lamont's living room
LL in Mindy Lamont's living room
Hi John!

I'm in the middle of your book and getting SO much out of it! I feel  

like I'm reading my beliefs through your words, as well as the  

philosophies my father lived his successes by: love, compassion, and  

creating your life's work by being true to your values and vision. As  

I am now leading the future of what was once his businesses, I'm  

creating my own culture of leading, managing, and giving. Your words  

are completely reinforcing my beliefs.


Probably most meaningful to me is your first principle that loss  

creates leaders. It's SO  true. I've felt that since my father passed  

away, its through the pain and the challenges, that my character has  

been continually refined. I constantly draw on what i've learned  

through the loss and that is what i share both in business and when  

teaching the yoga practice. I know it's why people are comfortable  

working with me and are drawn to me- they sense my depth and  



I could go on and on here, but as you can see, I'm getting so much out  

of your book. THANK YOU!


I'd like to order a few copies for some people in my life.  

All the best,

Randi :)


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