Dear Mr. Bryant,
First let me congratulate you on the success of your new book, “Love Leadership.” I just finished watching your interview with Mr. Kibrick on KCLS.
After just now finishing reading about your organization, Operation Hope, whose primary goal is to foster financial literacy in our people. Kudo’s to you Mr. Bryant. It refreshing and exciting to see a man of my color using his education, talents, abilities to create a vision that gives more than he could ever received.
You stated during the interview, “ The next thirty years are vital to the world’s advancement in every area of humanity. I became spiritual aware of this fact about two months ago when I decided I needed to change my mind set, and from observing the prevailing wind of sentiment on the internet and other relevant mediums, that we can no longer afford to do business as usual.

Leaders must put values ahead of dollars, and the service of people ahead of the corporate bottom line.
I am on a journey to fulfill my vision of transforming the lives of 100,000 people from lives of addiction, depression, poverty, negativity and any thing that prevents them from living the life of their dreams.
I am not formally educated in the area of coaching, but what I do possess is the experience of overcoming drug addiction, alcohol dependence, cigarette addiction, self loathing, emotional and physical abuse and incest.
I want everyone to know when you can say simply, “I AM,” your true purpose is to bring your fellow man to that realization.

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