Sometimes you just have to brag on folks.  Debbie Lindsay is the owner and the lead licensed massage therapist at the KURE Wellness Retreat in Danville, California, and I cannot say more positive things about her. I limped into her salon after an across country trip on a Saturday, in route to a speech later that same evening before area leaders about our work and Love Leadership.  I had a bothersome pinched nerve around my L5, which had irritated other muscle groups and it had been this way for months.  Well, Debbie did wonders in a mere one hour time frame, and after my session with her I was able to go and do what God put me on this earth for — focus on the we, and not on the me.

The next time I am anywhere near Danville, Debbie will be seeing me.  She should see you too! We should always try to give good business, and more business, to good people.  You can reach Debbie here.

Onward and with HOPE

John Hope Bryant



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