Kids at Stephen Decatur Middle School in Clinton, Maryland (Prince George County), held a little “educational magic” in their hands this morning, as an American Express Black Card was passed around from child to child, so they could hold it, feel it, be inspired to one day “own it” (and not let it, own them).

Today, as a part of our Banking on Our Future Financial Literacy Day at the school, deepened in me my belief that kids need more than being “taught at,” they need to be inspired to be successful.

When they seek success, they will automatically lock into “education” as part of that necessary road forward.

You and I don’t want a mortgage, we want to become a homeowner, and kids don’t “want” an education, per se, they want to be successful. Let’s help them.

Join the movement –

John Hope Bryant

Maryland Banking on our Future youth experience magic of "The Black Card"

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