Love                              Fear

1. Inspiration                                   Coercion

2. We                                                Me

3. Empowerment                              Repression

4. Inclusion                                      Exclusion

5. True Wealth                                 Materialism

6. Forgiveness                                 Anger

7. Opportunity                                 Entitlement

8. Spirituality                                   Non-belief      

9. Ethical questioning                      Cynicism

10. Accountability                            Irresponsibility

11. Idealism                                      Expediency

12. Creating a bigger world             Taking a bigger share

13. Open hand                                 Closed fist

14. What you're for                          What you're against

15. Compassion                               Coldness

16. Serving                                       Self-serving

17. Lifting with Love                        Failing with fear

18. Empathy                                    Sympathy


I am honored that my book LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass) has held its own as a business bestseller with Inc Magazine/CEO Read for 11 months since publication, but more so, I am excited that the principles tied to its underlying message have rung so true as "life best practices" with leaders around the world.  My office recently even heard from the King of Morocco, who received the book and was moved to reach out to me. Honored.  My ultimate hope is not that the book would be a NY Times bestseller for a mere week or two (although that would be nice too), but rather that it would become what some refer to as "an evergreen," or a leadership book of reference that is turned to, year after year.

As I have gone around the country and the world speaking on Love Leadership, I can see that those who follow the approach want more, and specifically more.  Accordingly, I decided to publish the actual Laws of Love Leadership that drove me to write the book.  Here, above, are the 18 Published Laws of Love Leadership, that actually show up in the book.  Enjoy.


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