HOPE Center Harlem

"Hi John, my name is Ingrid Soto. I'm a member of Operation Hope, and i just want you to know that Operation Hope provides excellent services to the community. The staff is excellent and dedicated to help the community. I must say, that i have attended many organizations, but none compare to yours.

I was very impress to see you at The Entrepreneurial Training Program, last week wed. When you was getting your cut and decided to come by. Luz-maria Lambert exceeds my expectations of The Entrepreneurial Training Program. Her dedication, and effort to give us valuable information is amazing. It's just that you can tell, that is coming from the heart, and that she enjoys helping us.
She has had excellent speakers for credit repair, professional attorneys, marketing specialists, accountants for business and etc. Ms. Lambert also lets us know about other programs at Operation Hope so we can attend. Excellent bi-lingual communication skills, that is needed in the community for all people. I just want to let you know, that every opportunity that i get to mention or
speak about Operation Hope i will. The words you told us last wed, were very encouraging to me.  I want to be able to remember those words the rest of my life…You were saying how there was a difference about being broke, and being poor… You also said if someone wants to argue let them, you don't need two fools… You spoke about people putting others down, and about misery. …Sometimes people don't know what a difference they could make in someone's life. I just want to let you know, that you and Ms. Lambert have!!! Straight from the heart Ms. Soto. Ps. thank you for caring."

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