Operation HOPE launches metro Atlanta mortgage, credit hotlines

7:00 am August 5, 2010, by Rana Cash


Considering the huge footprint of the nonprofit organization CredAbility, it seemed unusual that national player Operation HOPE would launch regional mortgage and consumer credit crisis hotlines here.

That was, until founder John Hope Bryant put things in sobering perspective: “There’s enough poverty to go around.”

John Hope Bryant and then President BushLess of a competitor and more of a complement to the services provided by CredAbility and others, Operation HOPE will target both the financially strapped and those too emotionally downtrodden to fight back. The California-based organization recently rolled out a slate of services to be provided to disenfranchised local residents. A permanent home office is being built near Ebenezer Baptist Church, Bryant said.

Read the complete story (and even comment on it) at the AJC here.


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