JHB and Dr Height
As many of you have heard by now, my friend, mentor and "shero," Dr. Dorothy I. Height, has been hospitalized this week.  At 98, she has lived a life of 10 lifetimes, and given to so very many.  Her life has been and is today a life of selfless service.  She believed in me, when others did not.

And so, today, I ask you stop what you are doing and to send a prayer up for Dr. Height, praying for her care, and showing her — through all of our joined prayers – how very much she means to all of us.  How much we love and appreciate her.  Yesterday, today, forever.

Dr. Height's legacy lives, even as she sits in a state of doctor's care.  We love, honor and adore you Dr. Height.  You are not alone. 

Dr. Height once told me "John, I like you, because you are a dreamer with a shovel in your hand."  This remains my promise to her.  To be a dreamer, with a shovel in my hand."  What is your leadership service promise?

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