My mentor, friend, and 5MK co-chair Quincy Jones has once again taken his game to a new level for the benefit of humanity.  He is always doing "something" for others, but this is special at another level.  Watch it here, as more than 5.7 million people have already in its first few days, but go online to or and make YOUR CONTRIBUTION to help Haiti today!

A special hats off as well to Lionel Richie, the late, great Michael Jackson, Mr. Jamie Foxx and all the other artists (and a few people in the background – smile) who helped to make WE ARE THE WORLD: 25 possible!  A special kudos to my friend and brother Adam Fell from the Q family, who also played a very special role in bringing this edition of WE ARE THE WORLD: 25 for Haiti, to life.

Read the story in USA Today and the Huffington Post here.  One person can make a difference, and your name does not have to be Quincy Jones.  It can be YOU! Donate today!

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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