5.0 out of 5 stars A Book to Reference Forever, February 18, 2010

I wish I could include a picture of my book, with all the reference tabs that are protruding from the sides…allowing me to quickly refer to points that grabbed and kept my attention. John Hope Bryant scored more than 5 stars from me with this book….even 10 stars are not sufficient enough! I was so moved by this book that I wrote an extremely long review on my blog, have since purchased the audio book, and just recently wrote a review on iTunes. I am telling everyone about this book, about John Hope Bryant, and about the love leadership movement!

Fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real", and unfortunately many of us lead lives, lead others, and follow leaders with fear in our hearts and minds. Fear is crippling and contagious, and in no way a healthy ingredient to any relationship. John Hope Bryant shares his five laws of love-based leadership that serve as infectious layers of hope for every leader (no matter what your level or the capacity in which you lead at work or at home).

You can't help but to want to read more, as you see the words…discover…and realize that these first five laws mean so much more than you initially conceived. I will quickly share a brief summary of the laws that will no doubt pique your interest in love leadership and what it takes to be an effective love leader….

1) Loss Creates Leaders: Stumbling, falling down, suffering…getting up- builds great leaders
2) Fear Fails: Fear cripples; love restores, builds and strengthens- producing mutual trust and respect. No one respects whom they fear…loyal followers continue to follow those they love, respect, and admire.
3) Love Makes Money: Good capitalism vs bad capitalism….Good capitalism is defined by the relationships we form, how we form them, how we nurture them, and whether there is synergistic growth that is mutually beneficial for all involved.
4) Vulnerability is Power: Revealing oneself, being transparent and "real" brings down barriers and opens the door to healthy communication- leading all parties to meet on common ground.
5) Giving is Getting: Instead of trying to decide what you will get out of a situation, relationship, or business deal- see what you can give the other person. It creates a positive karma "ring" where you get equal or more than what you invested.

No matter the setting, the position you hold, your purpose for opening this book…it will forever alter the way you view humankind, love, leadership, power, wealth, capitalism, consumerism, race relations, philanthropy, and relationships in general. This book makes you stop and ask what you can give to others, how you can help someone else help themselves…how you can be a true change agent through love, compassion, and genuine care.

I could write several pages about this book. Understanding its power and influence I see it as a vital addition to every organization and home. I have referenced this book within my work for my PhD program in Organization and Management- as it is a highly qualified source on leadership. My gifts to friends, family, and associates will no doubt be a copy of Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World.

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