John Bryant color shot I wrote this after being inspired by a conversation with a friend and employee of mine this week.  I hope this message helps you too.

My message to you

For God's sake my friends, say good morning to the rest of your life today.

You are exhausted because you are flowing against the energy field of life. Flowing against that field will exhaust you, tire you, drain your physical health, drain your mental health, drain your emotional health, sap your inner stength, make you vulnerable to the desperate bad-counsel one gives onself in a state of personal crisis, and ultimately you become "non-functional." Taken to the furthest extreme, one can die — inside and then out.

The answer is not to fight the flow of life, which you are doing. Your current situation simply amplifies the problem. The answer is to literally turn into another direction, and to get into alignment with that flow; and you need that regularized, active counseling to help you navigate the path back to pychological health, and then forward.

The problem is that you are still battling strong currents, and you are still swimming against the tide of that energy field.

In other words, again, you are exhausted and your body is breaking down, and you are stressing out, and you have problems breathing sometimes, because you are swimming uphill — against the flow, and not with it. In this place, the counseling is not optional. It is not about "a better way," but a life-essential, entirely new one. It is about becoming unstuck, before the power of the energy river (which in essence is God and his purpose in and for this world) literally over takes you.

You are swimming the wrong way. And I want  you to win (for you). But you will never do this unless you literally stop (the B.S. too),  and turn full around.

Surrender the lie, which is brilliant at masking and rationalizing and making excuses, and embrace the truth.

If you do not, you will loose, everything you value. The lie will tell you not to worry about it, while Rome is burning. Truth says take off those clothes slowing you down (your ego, stupid pride, your image), and run with everything you have and every fiber of your being, towards the light.

With HOPE,

John Hope Bryant is the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, vice chairman of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy as well as chairman of the Council Committee on the Under-Served,  financial literacy advisor to the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council, a Young Global Leaders for the World Economic Forum, and author of LOVE LEADERSHIP; A New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), which debuted in August, 2009, on the CEO Reads Top 10 Best Seller List, and was published in November, 2009 in digital audio book format on,  iTunes and other audio book retailers .    


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