After debuting on the 800-CEO-Read “Best Seller” list in August 2009, LOVE LEADERSHIP: THE NEW WAY TO LEAD IN A FEAR-BASED WORLD (Jossey-Bass) continues to maintain its “Best Seller” status for the third consecutive month, moving up the charts this month to #7. In November, charted the book on its “Top Business Reads" chart, and continued strong sales has resulted in a digital audio book release by Gildan Media Group, and iTunes.

John Hope Bryant’s groundbreaking book makes the case that the best way to get ahead is to figure out what you have to give in a world seemingly obsessed with the question: What do I get? Aimed at a new generation of leaders and extremely relevant for today's economic climate, LOVE LEADERSHIP draws on his remarkable success story and on interviews with love-based leaders such as Former President Bill Clinton, Quincy Jones and Andrew Young. Bryant outlines the five laws of love-based leadership: Loss Creates Leaders (there can be no strength without legitimate suffering), Fear Fails (only respect and love leads to success), Love Makes Money (love is at the core of true wealth), Vulnerability is Power (when you open up to people they open up to you), and Giving is Getting (the more you offer to others, the more they will give back to you).

LOVE LEADERSHIP is a unique and powerful book that bridges the gap between solid business advice and pure inspiration. Operation HOPE (HOPE) COO and President, Bill Walbrecher, has referred to LOVE LEADERSHIP as a “love story” for his style of leadership at the influential, global nonprofit. As HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO, Bryant has donated the proceeds from sales through the website to benefit his financial literacy organization.

His theory that leading by fear is NOT the answer has brought acclaim from critics, including David Gergen, professor of public service and director, Center of Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and president of Wikia, Inc. From his speaking engagement at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China to his speech from the pulpit at Ebenezer Church, the historic church of Civil Rights legend Martin Luther King, listeners are being moved by his passion and message. Bryant’s book tour includes "Conversations on Leadership" in Atlanta with Ambassador Andrew Young and best-selling author Bill George, with Civil Rights legend, Dr. Dorothy I. Height in Washington, DC, as well as at the Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont College and The USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles this November.

Bryant’s philosophy on business management and his vision into how to eradicate poverty is also currently featured in the newly released book ACTION SPEAKS LOUDEST (Lyons Press) – a collection of essays by prominent world leaders focused on world change.

About the Author, John Hope Bryant

JOHN HOPE BRYANT is a philanthropic entrepreneur and leader in the business of empowerment. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE, America's first nonprofit social investment banking organization. He is the vice chair of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy and chairman of the Under-Served Committee for the U.S. President's Council. He is an internationally respected public speaker and Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum, who has received many awards for his work to empower low-wealth communities.

About Operation HOPE, Inc.

Operation HOPE is America's leading nonprofit social investment banking and financial literacy empowerment organization. With more than 400 private sector partners, 3500 nonprofit organizations and schools, and 100 government partners in 69 major U.S. cities and six provinces in South Africa, HOPE has raised more than $500 million in its pursuit of educating, assisting and inspiring the next generation of global stakeholders in financial literacy, economic empowerment and silver rights. Through international initiatives and its principal programs, Banking on Our Future (teaching school children about money), HOPE Coalition America (Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, 1-888-388-HOPE, financial emergency preparedness and disaster relief), Walk-In HOPE Centers (loans, bill pay, computer literacy, understanding banking principles), and our 10,000 strong volunteer HOPE Corps, Operation HOPE has delivered services to more than one million low-wealth individuals and assumed the responsibility of piloting the Silver Rights Movement towards making free enterprise and capitalism relevant to all underserved communities. Senior aide to Dr. King in the civil rights movement, Ambassador Andrew Young, serves as global spokesman for Operation HOPE, and icons Quincy Jones and Ambassador Andrew Young co-chair 5MK (5 MILLLION KIDS), aimed at breaking the cycle of the high-school dropout epidemic in America. To learn more about HOPE, visit and, or read our blog at

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