Bryant_LoveLeadership3D Hello Mr. Bryant,

To whom much is given, much is expected.

Starting with the first page of your book on Saturday morning to the last page early in that Saturday evening, I will have to admit that your work is the greatest piece of inspiration I have laid my hands on.

For a while now I have been struggling with my kind of leadership; your book will now be a reference guide if not a stepping stone into making the decisions of my life. My promise is that I won't disappoint and in this Century just as Obama has already shown us, servant leadership is what will define and preserve our name in History. Yes we remember Ghandi as we struggle to forget Osama, We remember Lincoln as we forget Hitler and for the many that we've forgotten we remember the likes of Mother Teresa, Princess Diana et al.

Thanks for writing the book inasmuch as it exposes your vulnerability (The law of love leadership). You made it current with our present economic struggles and secured its place in history with a great perspective of our past failures.

Although I am a Kenyan immigrant struggling with immigrant regulation limitations, I hope to one day contribute to changing the face of this place we live in, be it reshaping the struggling newspaper industry or burning the golden calves that we've created in our modern society. We as a people need to reignite our authentic self.

Thank  you,
D. Nyabuti


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