Rachael Doff Special from Rachael Doff, executive vice president and chief of staff, senior advisor to the chairman and founder, Operation HOPE

 It is not every day that you get an opportunity to make someone's dream come true and I must say, it is a very good feeling.  In the normal course of my work day, as I was processing the usual 150+ e-mails, I came across the following letter submitted online through John's private company website:


Dear John Hope Bryant,  


Hello and Good Wednesday Morning! I am writing in the hope that you can help me out. I'm aware that Premiere Radio is a sponsor for the CMA's. My daughter Tyler and son Randy are huge Country Music fans and would love to attend the CMA's this November in Nashville!  I have suffered with pain for many years and have undergone many surgeries. I cannot even begin to count.

They have been there by my side every minute to help me through these trying times. They continue to be by my side even after all I have been through and have taken on the responsibilities that I feel have been my duty as a mother.  My son was only three when I became bedridden.  He would come with his little friends and put on a show for me while I lay in bed.  He would, and still does, bring me food and drinks and also gets me to all my doctor appointments without any hesitation.  I could not ask for better kids in my life.  They have always been huge fans of the Country Music!  I would love to surprise the with tickets to see the CMA's!  It would be such a dream to hand them these special tickets with a wonderful thank you card for being in my life. I couldn't begin to thank you for this awesome gesture.  I am asking with all sincerity for you to help me in this matter.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding. Warmest & Kindest Regards, Sharon.


Within one hour of reading her letter, and two quick notes to the CMA and to Premiere Radio, I received the news that her wish would come true.  Thanks to the kind efforts of Charlie Rahilly, President of Premiere Radio Network, and partner to Operation HOPE, Sharon's children will be attending the CMA's.  Thank you, Mr. Rahilly!!!!


So the next time you see a window of opportunity to make a dream come true…..CHOP CHOP!!


Rachael Doff is Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer 

Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, Office of the Chairman

Operation HOPE

Senior Advisor, Office of the Vice Chairman, U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

World Headquarters


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