Dear John,


Hope this email finds you well! We are following your Tweets and your mind-boggling schedule.


I just could not wait till I got to the end of Love Leadership (am on page 161 now) to tell you that you are an angel sent from heaven and your book is a message from above.


Your chapter titled Vulnerability is Power IS powerful. It made me realise in running my own non-profit that I have spent time getting away from "doing the work", as you put it. My org is a gift, a calling, but quite simply I have not applied excellence to it. I read abt how, amidst the crisis and unfulfilled pledges, you rolled up your sleeves and got in there and fixed the balance sheet. Reading that chapter felt like a big kick to my bottom but a well-deserved and timely one.


I also have to tell you that reading in chapter 5 (Giving is Getting), I am stopping every couple of lines to text my volunteers and team. Your book made me realise I don't show them love enough, and I don't put any effort into building a long term relationship with them or my donors. I just assume they believe in my vision and will jump in when I need them. (Ok this is me exercising vulnerability telling you!)


I'm far from perfect, but I am going to try. I prob couldn't put in the 500% you do for operation hope, but 100% of my effort will surely go a long way.


You're like a marketplace pastor! Please know your words are making a big difference to me and my little org. Today I received a statement from the bank that our account is officially empty. We have literally given every cent away. I guess today is the day to start and turn it around!


Thank you again for Love Leadership. Your words are an agent of change.


I pray I shall have a better report soon for you!


A Love Leadership Fan


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