I just (finally!) read THE book and had to write to you immediately.


Wow!   It's hard to imagine who wouldn't benefit from reading this wonderful book….twice (at least).  How much better the world would be if more people led in this manner. 


Over the years, I've read many management and leadership books, but none as "real" as this one.  And it's written in such a way that people on all levels can take away "actionable" thoughts from which they can make meaningful changes in their own lives as leaders (whether of a company, group, family, etc.). 


As I turned the pages, I thought not only about how I've led in the past and can improve in my next position (whatever it may turn out to be), but also about other leaders with whom I've worked in the past.  There is not a doubt in my mind that your thoughts on what is more effective and what is less effective is completely consistent with my experiences in over 25 years of working.


The very first person to whom I'm going to give a copy of this book is my son, who is just starting out in his first (entry level) job out of college.  While he already exhibits a number of the Love Leadership qualities as a young man, I'm confident that this book will help drive the messages home from a source other than his parents and one who he knows for whom I have great respect and admiration.  Love Leadership should be "required reading" for all graduating students, whether from college or high school, as it's certainly easier to mold a leadership style in formation than changing an established one.


You have done a masterful job with this book.  Typical of the approach to/with your life, this book will "give" to others much more than will be received in return. 


Bravo, John.  Always proud to have you as a true friend!


Arlen Gelbard, former president of E TRADE Bank


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