Geneva Dignity Day 09 039 This is an absolutely breathtaking photo, taken at the conclusion of our Dignity Day, Geneva (Switzerland) event, with one of the amazing young people (and future leaders) from the International School where the event was held. 

Pictured with with me here is my Global Dignity co-founder His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway (our third co-founder Professor Pekka Himanen was with us the day prior, but had to travel to London to prepare for our events there next week for GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY 2009).  I refer to both Crown Prince Haakon and Pekka Himanen as my "brothers-from-another-mother."  Pure love, commitment, connection and service leadership, acting as one.

One person can change the world.  be that one person!  Join us for GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY 2009, on October 20th, 2009, as fellow YGLs (Young Global Leaders) and other people, just like you, teach "A Course in Dignity" to youth of every race, color and creed, on every continent on the planet on the same day.  As I like to say, "all of us want more dignity, and all of our children laugh the same, love the same, suffer the same, fear the same, dream the same…and are the same."

GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY 2009 is already confirmed in 30 countries on October 20th, 2009.  Help us "do more."

A special thank you to Marie-France Rogers and the World Econonic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL) family for helping to coordinate this incredible day, as well as Global Dignity board member Mrs. Hilde Schwab, who joined us at the school.Geneva Dignity Day 09 001

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant


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