After Words: Michael Rosen, "What Else but Home," interviewed by John Hope Byrant

About the Program

An upper-middle class, New York City boy goes out to play baseball with the underprivileged kids on the lot across the street.  He invites them home to the family penthouse for a snack, and his parents eventually take all of them out of the projects and put them through school.  Mr. Rosen discusses turning his family of three into a family of nine with Operation HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant, and author of new best selling book, LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World.

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  • Saturday, October 24th at 10pm (ET)
  • Sunday, October 25th at 9pm (ET)
  • Monday, October 26th at 12am (ET)
  • Monday, October 26th at 3am (ET)

About the Authors

Michael Rosen

Mr. Rosen is a former real estate developer and investor who's also been a Wall Street CEO and an assistant professor at New York University.  He's author of two other books: "Turning Words," and "Spinning Worlds."

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