Dear John:


I read Love Leadership- cover to cover- and read several parts more than once. You have put things in perspective for me, and gave me another push to continue in a style that some of the people closest to me are critical of: leading by love. Now every time they argue with me, I’ll refer them to you book. I have learnt a great deal, and saw some of the mistakes I make, and some of the fears I have. At the same time, I got encouraged when you highlighted some of the things I seem to be doing right. Love is the key to success in love, friendship, business, politics, religion, etc. and to bonding with people and with God.  You present this fact in a very powerful way. Love is one of the five prerequisites for entrepreneurs and leaders that I emphasize whenever I speak or write. They are freedom, vision, determination, dynamism, and love. In Arabic, they all start with the Arabic letter H, (h*- from deep in the throat), and we call them the Five H’s. Love is H*OBB.


Your book, dear John, is great gift that I’ll always treasure, especially with the beautiful personal note. What more could one hope for! And Love Leadership is one great read, not only because of the beautiful non-preaching, non-condescending, straightforward style. A lot of people will still disagree or not listen, thus losing and missing living a life with a purpose. Anyone who reads it well, will be inspired to start a journey to become more authentic, and thus enhance their ability and willingness to give more, do more, and be more.


I’m an ambassador of your vision in the Arab World and Syria in particular, where I certainly look forward to welcome you before long.  Meanwhile, I’m going to talk about Love Leadership next week in my weekly radio discussion with entrepreneurs. You will be building a following in Syria!  Warmest congratulations on a very-well deserved success of your work.


Abdulsalam Haykal


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