Posted on 21. Sep, 2009 by ilir (ilir@musiconplay.net) in News

Super producer Quincy Jones and his son QD3 have teamed with singer/rapper/actor Tyrese Gibson to launch the 5 Million Kids National Education Campaign.

The trio have partnered with Operation HOPE, a Los Angeles based non-profit that provides economic and educational tools for youth advancement.

The goal of the new campaign is to teach 5 million children, parents and teachers how to get rich legally through financial literacy.

The 5 Million Kids initiative will also seek to reengage youth in school activities by finding 25,000 volunteers for classrooms nation wide. Jones and company will also attempt to secure $50 million dollars in Earned Income Tax Credits for parents, teachers and adults.

The initiative seeks to open 50,000 new bank accounts for the “unbanked” and “under banked” using the proceeds of the EITC benefits.

“It takes 20 years to change a culture,” Quincy Jones told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “We’ve spent the last 20 years making dumb sexy.”

The 5 Million Kids Campaign is scheduled to launch September 29 at a private event in South Central Los Angeles.

Quincy Jones will be joined by 200 community leaders, educators, businessmen and entertainment leaders and celebrities, including Tyrese, Ambassador Andrew Young, LAUSD School Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines and John Hope Bryant, Operation Hope Founder and CEO.

In related news, Quincy Jones is currently preparing an all-star tribute to Michal Jackson in the Bahamas, this October, while his son QD3 is preparing the release of The Carter, a documentary focused on rapper Lil Wayne.

Tyrese recently released his new comic book, Mayhem, which became the first standalone e-book to be featured on iTunes 9.

The comic comes with a new video and a new track by Tyrese.

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