Reader holding at Borders

 A passionate Twitter follower who goes by cherokee88 posted this photo while picking up my book in a Chicago area Borders bookstore.  

And here is Twitter follower LetMeMeasureU, chilling out and reading a good book while on travel this weekend.

Find LOVE LEADERSHIP, purchase it, and send me a photo of you reading it and I will post on my Blog!  And for those who have already read it, please add your review at, Borders, Barnes & Noble or other popular online book websites and send me a copy to be published on my Blog and the LOVE LEADERSHIP Facebook FanPage! Thanks for your support everyone.

Thank you all for all of your growing support for LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World.  We can start a new movement, around the future of leadership itself.

Let's go….

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