Hi Mr. Bryant,

I'm Cherokee King. I met you yesterday at the Alliant Credit Union Foundation press conference. It was an honor to meet you! I come from a single mother home, and nothing bothers me more than to hear children say that they can't do something, or they feel that they are owed something, because one of their parents wasn't around. I go to Curie every year for their Back to School Days program to talk to the students about how to get to college. I'm always asking my mom why people don't want to do better for themselves. I guess I'm bothered because so many people have excuses for why they can't get ahead, but no one has a solution.

Operation Hope is giving children those solutions. If they can see someone, or a group of people, who have done wonderfully, they see that there's a reason to do better. I had an amazing day yesterday, and hearing you speak made me want to know how I can get involved. I hope to become involved with Operation Hope in the future.


Cherokee King, Chicago student


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