“Former President Bill Clinton once said that any nation needs to create a new set of jobs every 10 years or so. We should remember that Google, Facebook an Twitter didn’t exist 10 years ago, and now they are global and creating jobs, connection and prosperity. The problem with Detroit is that the auto makers effectively skated for the last 40 years, trying desperately to hold on to what they had versus re-imagining their and our future. My friends in the unions unfortunately didn’t help. They wanted to hold on to what hey had too, and the result was that the most expensive part on a GM car was health insurance ($1400.00 per car). Now how do we compete with the likes of Germany and Japan with that non-negotiable weight around our competitiveness legs? The answer is we didn’t, and we don’t. We must start asking an entirely new question. What do we have to give, versus what do we ‘get.’. My upcoming book is about the future of leadership itself…”

John Hope Bryant, blogging from the iPhone

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