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Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World” is a Testimony to His Work to
Empower Underserved Communities and the Founding of Operation HOPE

LOS ANGELES – August 18, 2009 – Financial literacy nonprofit Operation HOPE today announced the release of HOPE Founder John Hope Bryant’s latest book, “Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World,” out this month by Jossey-Bass, which outlines his key to success and offers solutions to empowering communities by “leading with love.” Designated proceeds from book sales will go towards the organization’s “silver rights” mission to empower the underserved.

“‘Love Leadership’ is John Bryant’s love story with Operation HOPE. It is a powerful read that outlines how and why his work is so successful and important,” said Bill Walbrecher, HOPE President and COO.

Bryant believes the crisis in America today is not economic: “It is a crisis of virtues and values. We must choose to prosper as a society, not just as individuals.” In his book he explores why leaders who lead through the good of the whole, thrive. Bryant describes the current environment as wracked by fear, and fear as “the ultimate prosperity killer.”

Includes revealing interviews with Former President Bill Clinton, HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway, music impresario Quincy Jones, National Council for Negro Women President Emeritus Dr. Dorothy I. Height, ING Americas Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thomas McInerney and civil rights icon and HOPE Global spokesman Ambassador Andrew Young, illustrate the power of the Love Leadership philosophy.

“Love Leadership” makes the case that, as unlikely as it sounds, the best way to get ahead is to figure out what you have to give to a world seemingly obsessed with only one question: “What do I get?”

“Love Leadership” recognizes that you want to do well in life, but it also suggests that the best way to do well and to achieve true wealth over the long term is to do good, and you’ll never be wrong doing right. But right now we look around and it is apparent that our great nation, and its leaders, have simply “lost our story line” and are focusing on the me instead of the we. It isn’t a matter of “love v. hate,” that takes too much energy. It is a matter of indifference.

“Love Leadership” distills love-based leading into five fundamental laws:

1. Loss Creates Leaders (there can be no strength without legitimate suffering)

2. Fear Fails (only respect and love lead to success)

3. Love Makes Money (love is at the core of true wealth)

4. Vulnerability is Power (when you open up to people, they open up to you)

5. Giving is Getting (the more you offer to others, the more they will give back to you)

In “Love Leadership” Bryant shares the lessons and practices of numerous love-based leaders, as well as his own experiences.

John Hope Bryant has been on both sides of the political aisle, both sides of the boardroom table, and both sides of poverty. From years of experience getting things done, including his self-made rise from poverty and homelessness, John came to realize that he was not a Republican or Democrat, he was not a business-as-usual CEO.

John Hope Bryant is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Vice-Chairman of the non-partisan U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, the original inspiration that established financial literacy as U.S. federal policy in 2008, and a proud member of the “Get Things Done” party.

From his vast experiences with others in power, Bryant has observed successful, and unsuccessful, leadership. He has written “Love Leadership” to share the exemplary skills he has learned as a result of caring more about others than himself – Bryant’s power comes from love, and that’s why people want to follow him.

To find out more about HOPE’s mission to eradicate poverty or John Hope Bryant visit www.operationhope.org or www.johnhopebryant.com.

About Operation HOPE, Inc.
Operation HOPE is America’s leading nonprofit social investment banking and financial literacy empowerment organization. With more than 400 private sector partners, 1500 nonprofit organizations and schools, and 100 government partners in 68 major U.S. cities and five provinces of South Africa, HOPE has raised more than $500 million in its pursuit of educating, assisting and inspiring the next generation of global stakeholders. Through international initiatives and its three principal programs, Banking on Our Future (teaching school children about money), HOPE Coalition America (Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, 1-888-388-HOPE, financial emergency preparedness and disaster relief), and Walk-In HOPE Centers (loans, bill pay, computer literacy, understanding banking principles), Operation HOPE has delivered services to more than one million low-wealth individuals and assumed the responsibility of piloting the Silver Rights Movement towards making free enterprise and capitalism relevant to all underserved communities. To learn more about HOPE, visit
www.operationhope.org or read our blog at www.operationhope.org/blog.

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