YD2H9595-2 Dear friends of Bryant and friends of HOPE:


I am writing to ask friends of mine and friends of HOPE for a rare favor –  help me propel LOVE LEADERSHIP into the Best Seller ranks within its first few weeks.


As you may have seen in today’s edition of The New York Times, Opinion section, my publisher Jossey-Bass and Wiley Publishing announced the release my new book, LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World, published internationally this month. Already in its first week LOVE LEADERSHIP has made it to the "Hottest New Books" List for Amazon.com Canada.


In LOVE LEADERSHIP I make a case that the crisis in America today is not economic. It is a crisis of virtues and values.  We must choose to prosper as a society, not just as individuals. I’ve identified the current environment as wracked by fear, and fear is “the ultimate prosperity killer.”   As an alternative, I share the lessons and practices of many love-based leaders I know and respect, including of course my own experiences. Love Leadership makes the case that, as unlikely as it sounds, the best way to get ahead is to figure out what you have to give to a world seemingly obsessed with only one question: “What do I get?”


These days it is too easy for people to wake up in the morning with the wrong question on their minds; saying in effect, "I want to make more money." This (focus exclusively on making more money) seemed to be the easy path to success – or so we have been led to believe. And who can blame us? It is hard to keep from putting ourselves first, when it seems like that’s what’s all around us, versus the 20th century notion: "I have an idea, and it will advance society,” and then individuals along with it.


Love Leadership distills love-based leading into five fundamental laws:


            1. Loss Creates Leaders (there can be no strength without legitimate suffering)

            2. Fear Fails (only respect and love leads to success)

            3. Love Makes Money (love is at the core of true wealth)

            4. Vulnerability is Power (when you open up to people, they open up to you)

            5. Giving is Getting (the more you offer to others, the more they will give back to you)


We are not in the midst of a recession.  It is a global reset – and if we respond in our own enlightened self interest we will refresh capitalism and free enterprise so that it actually serves, empowers, and informs people, and it will add value too.  I call this Good Capitalism, and it is the fundamental basis through which I founded, formed, and now run Operation HOPE.  LOVE LEADERSHIP is in many ways the "love story" of Operation HOPE, which has now raised more than $500 million and served more than one million people, but it is so much more than that.  LOVE LEADERSHIP frames the issues for the future of leadership itself.


Help me make LOVE LEADERSHIP a best seller and help Operation HOPE too, as proceeds of all books ordered through HOPE will benefit HOPEOrder one book or hopefully a group of books for those you care about and work with, and help a worthy cause while doing it!  Contact Jaime Fontaine at jaime.fontaine@operationhope.org, or you can also go online at www.operationhope.org


If you would like to do more, review the book at Amazon.com, or consider hosting a book signing and discussion on “the future of leadership itself,” featuring LOVE LEADERSHIP.  You can also follow and join the new LOVE LEADERSHIP movement on Facebook, Twitter, my Blog, as well as my new Bryant Group website.


One person can make a difference in this world.  You are that one person.  Thanks in advance for your help and support and help!



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