This is a very cool testimonial that came from through a mutual friend at the Young Global Leaders, from a corporate leader in Asia on my new book.


"Love is work


Non-Love is laziness

Anti-Love is Evil


I like that.


And I am so with him when he says this is not a recession, it's a reset.

It's what I have been telling people all along, it is a different world.

Remember when I said this actually makes me happy because I am sure that our children will get to live in a better world? I think that's part of the message from John in his very focused, electrifying video, and again I agree with him.


Tell him he's sold at least one book!!


PS: You can't have a rainbow without a storm first… resonates well with me.."


Alain Barbezat


Director & Senior Fund Manager, RAB Capital (Asia) Ltd


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