YD2H9595-2 So, a young brilliant Operation HOPE Intern comes into my office today, around middle school age, and says as I start to sign a copy of my new book, LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World, for him and his family, “…oh thanks John.  My dad and I were in a bookstore yesterday and we saw your new book there, and we were about to purchaseit – and we were discussing it and all – because we only had $11.00, and we had to make a decision either to buy food, or to try to buy your new book.  We needed more money to buy your book, so we decided to buy food last night (dinner for a family of 8), but my dad said we would go back (to buy your book) later…”   


Deep.  We are all so very blessed.  We have no idea.


In a world seemingly obsessed with the question, "what do I get," this young man, at an early age, has already figured out that life is about what you have to give.  He offers himself.  His whole self.  He inspired me to be better, and to do more.  Hope his story touches you heart too.


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Onward with HOPE


John Hope Bryant




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