Images People say they admire Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and they love the soring 'I Have A Dream' speech Dr. King gave at The March on Washington, without understanding, recognizing or appreciating that Dr. King gave that speech more than 100 times before the March on Washington — often before audiences seemingly uninterested in what the young and visionary pastor had to say.  Frustrated? Of course he was frustrated, but what where would we be if he had given up the 50th time he gave that speech, or the 85th time he gave  that speech….or the 99th time he gave that speech?  The answer is clear — there simply would not be a President named Barack Obama today. 

Leadership matters.  Leaders matter. Perserverance matters even more. Life is not fair, and people are not necessarily going to be kind to you or appreciate what you do (for them), but do the right thing anyway.  You will never go wrong doing right.  Just look at Dr. King's legacy today. He has not done so bad (smile).

Stay tuned on my book on the future of leadership itself, due out later this month.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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