JHBI wrote this short piece in response to a friend, who also happens to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, as to why I decided to take the route of social and business entrepreneurship, versus the relative safety of working say in corporate America. Here was my condensed response:

·         I found something I was passionate about, and was willing to bet everything on that vision I had for my life, and for serving others through it.

·         I believe that America is not a country, but an idea. At our best we are the ideal idea. At our worst, it becomes about the greed, things and about “me.”

·         I believed I had a powerful idea, and I wanted (selfishly) to see it through.  That idea was empowerment, silver rights, teaching the language of money, and cracking the code of free enterprise and capitalism so I could then “set my people” (all dignity rich, poor and struggling people) free.  To complete Dr. King’s bold dream.

·         I believe in making big bets and keeping small promises, and I think those who want jobs (which is necessary and essential in society) often trade dreams, aspirations and change for conformity, safety and security.

·         Becoming an entrepreneur, for me, was like walking at age 10, and like breathing today. I often say “an entrepreneur works 18 hours a day to keep from getting a job.” It’s true.

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