Operation_HOPE_Logo_(New)HOPE needs a special, energized HOPE leader who can help us to take our 5-year on-the-ground partnership with Bishop Charles E. Blake and the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) to the next level.  The partnership is going strong, but I want to keep my personal promise I have made to my friend Bishop Blake — which is to reach, teach and empower every child with financial literacy and "the language of money," within the COGIC family; recruiting new HOPE Corps volunteers from the pews of the church to help our existing 9,000 HOPE Corps members to "do the job." 

COGIC has 6 million members, across 12,000 churches. What we need is an energized project manager to help us lend increased focus to our Phase II expansion of this critically important partnership for our community.  If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Lance Triggs (national chief of the HOPE Banking Center Network) at lance.triggs@operationhope.orgor Mary Hagerty (global chief of HOPE financial literacy) at mary.hagerty@operationhope.org.


John Hope Bryant

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