Images While I do not endorse the way in which Mr. Jackson chose to spend his money (and it is none of my business, nor anyone else's as well, by the way), and I don't think his spending was actually even about the "things" he was purchasing, and while he was a multi-millionaire that spent and lived like a billionaire, and even though news reports today report that Mr. Jackson was as much as $500 million in debt — remember this:  you cannot easily owe $500 million without significantly more in assets.  I suspect that one would love to own Mr. Jackson's debt, as they would also hold rights to his associated assets.  Hold on everyone, for the most unfortunate economic fight of our lifetime.  You heard it here.

Mr. Jackson — may God bless your soul, and blessings to your mom, dad, children, brothers, sisters and family.

John Hope Bryant

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