"…We need to both recognize that financial literacy is a critically important new hard economic tool for the future, even requiring financial literacy to be taught in our nation's schools, as well as a fundamentally new approach to financial literacy itself. Many have been approaching financial literacy as if it is a course in caculation interest rates and returns on investments. Respectfully, it is not.

Math is formula driven, almost scientific. Financial literacy is not. Financial literacy, or the language of money, is as personal as  it can get for you and your family. We strive for personal love and money, and don't seem to understand either. They are the great taboos. You want them, but you are for some reason not allowed to talk about them. The shame of not understanding money and not talking about it either, is a big part of the problem."

John Hope Bryant

www.operationhope.org for you.

www.bankingonourfuture.org for your children.


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