"In the 20th century, the issue around the world was democracy, with Dr. King marching in the southern states, Nelson Mandela marching in South Africa, and Gandhi before them marching for justice in India. The issue was democracy, and without the vote you were a slave. Today, in the 21st century, the issue is global economics, and without an understanding of the language of money (financial literacy), and a bank account, you are still a slave. Today financial literacy is a global civil rights issue, and the first 21st century silver right."

Post-crisis, there will be more regulation around predatory lending, but greed has been with us since the beginning of time and, unfortunately, there will probably never be a mortgage police, or a consumer loan police protecting you and your family, so you must become you and your family's best protection against predatory lenders, and decisions not in your own best interest. That is nothing less than a massive undertaking of financial literacy empowerment, or what I call financial literacy 3.0.

John Hope Bryant



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