HBCN DCIf you know of someone that is interested in changing their lives, particularly in these challenging economic times – have them contact HOPE by going to one of our HOPE Centers. 

The HOPE Banking Center Network converts checking cashing customers into banking customers,  renters into homeowners, small business dreamers into small business owners and entrepreneurs, minimum wage workers into living wage workers, and helps to move individuals from America's poverty rolls to America's tax rolls.

Just one of the HOPE Center's success stories include Ryan Taylor and his company, DROBE Clothiers.   Ryan Tyalor Ryan came to Operation HOPE with only a dream and a lot of ambition.  His first loan for $10,000 did not work out so well, so he paid it back and this time asked for loan assistance AND financial literacy empowerment training for budding small business owners.  We gave him the advisor and counsel, plus a $35,000 loan from Union Bank of California.  Today Ryan is running a six figure business, paying his taxes, taking care of his responsibilities, employing a small but committed team, raising his family, and even giving back through a non-profit he created to give back (paying it forward). 

In this economy you may not be able to find a new job, or even keep your old one — but you CAN become an entrepreneur or a self-employment project!  This is the vision made real for Ryan Taylor through our HOPE Centers, and the future vision for youth who connect and commit to 5MK in the months and years ahead.  If you have a dream to become a stakeholder — from homeownership to entrepreneurship, to the dignity of mastering your financial world, or simply owning more of your own vision in this world, contact Operation HOPE at 1-877-592-HOPE or online a www.operationhope.org.

By the way — did I mention that DROBE Clothing makes all of my professional clothes? JBDSC_0118  I could not be more pleased with the quality, the professionalism, or the service. This is truly HOPE in action.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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