"The World is mine"

Not long after joining the Falcons, Michael Vick bought his first house: a $918,000 mini-mansion behind the gates that guard the Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth. Two years later, in April 2005, he upgraded to a larger house in the same neighborhood, for almost $3.8 million. Among his improvements to that property: a movie screening room and a golf simulator.

Vick had money to burn. In 2004, after two seasons with the Falcons, he signed a new contract that, with potential bonuses, could pay him $130 million by 2013. Endorsement deals — with Nike, AirTran Airways and others — added millions more. In 2006 and 2007 alone, Vick took in almost $22 million.

Today, Michael Vick is banned from the National Football League. Once the game’s highest-paid player, Vick now claims only a nominal monthly income from an investment account: $12.89.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution


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