"During the civil rights movement, Dr. King and my personal hero and mentor Andrew Young dealt with a crisis of division (people either loved you or hated you), and during the crisis of the riots of 1992, the worst urban unrest in US history, the issue was not love or hate but indifference. Folks did not care enough about you to hate you.  That is why I conducted Bankers Bus Tours through our community — trying to re-weave together a sense of community.  But with this current crisis, a global economic crisis, the new issue is 'if only,' and that gives me hope. In other words, 'if only' we work together, and see that all of our interests — rich and poor, and middle class too – are all tied up together, will we emerge victorious.   Finally it is clear, we are all in this together. God has a funny sense of humor."

John Hope Bryant.

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