5MKlogo2 Reverend Cecil "Chip" Murray Signs on as Community Chair for HOPE's initiative to break the cycle of the high school drop-out epidemic, Five Million Kids


CLMA religious leader every spiritually-conscious person would like to follow, and longtime supporter of Operation HOPE, Rev. Cecil Murray has joined Five Million Kids (5MK),hoping to re-brand education in the minds and hearts of young people.

Doing the riots of 1992, he was the bridge builder and peace maker that literally held South Central together and helped it to heal. Always a tireless campaigner, humanitarian and peaceful activist for the rights of all people, Rev. Murray becomes one of the first to recognize the importance of our latest "silver rights" mission to break the cycle of the high school drop-out epidemic in America's inner cities and change the cultural tide and "Make Smart Sexy".

Click here for Rev. Murray's address on his participation with 5MK and its importance. To find out more about the Los Angeles legend, click here.


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