Glynn-turmanIt is like it happened to me, I am so happy. My friend, and amazingly talented actor, family man, humanitarian, philanthropist and community giver Glenn Turman, finally received some of the long awaited credit he deserves after five decades of acting, winning his first Emmy Award!

Glenn is not only immensely talented, he is simply good people.  I actually met Glynn when, during my short and absolutely under-whelming acting career, we worked together on "Twilight Zone."  It was an opportunity for me to work with two legendary actors — Danny Kaye and Gynn Turman, with me playing the thug that attacked Mr. Kaye as he morned a death in his family.  It was the last appearance by Mr. Kaye on screen.  

I can look back now and say with an absolutely straight face that Mr. Kaye stopped acting because of his age, but I stopped simply because I didn't have the talent (nor frankly the passion for acting) to compete.  And when you work opposite brilliantly talented, and passionate professionals the likes of Turman, you get immediately that this craft should be left to those willing to pour their life passion and work into it.  That is classic Glynn Turman.

I remember my friend Lance Triggs, who now runs the national HOPE Banking Center Network, and I traveling up to visit Glynn at his ranch, most be 20 plus years ago, in my convertible green Mercedes 450SL.  The top was down and by the time we arrived, traveling some dusty, winding roads on our way there, the four of us and the car were all the same color — dirt brown (smile).  But once we arrived, Glynn and his beautiful wife extended that classic smile and hospitality, and love, and nothing else mattered. It was like being home.  It was and remains one of my favorite memories of that period in my life.

Hats off Glynn Turman.  You deserve this earned recognition, and much, much more.  I am only sorry that my sweetie and I will not be in town this week when Glynn's brilliance is once again recognized in the company of friends.

You can read the complete story of Glynn's Emmy win here.  You can also check out a summary of the Twilight Zone feature Glynn, Mr. Kaye and I did together, here.

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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