Images This is something that I drafted, inspired by my fellow YGL friends around the globe, as a potential framework for our own value-system. And while these principles may never be adopted formally by the wider YGL community (there are many leaders with potentially much better ideas than me to share), I thought that some of these values applied just as well to our society overall. So here they are…

  1. YGLs accept that we are first and foremost global citizens. Accordingly, our national interests follow our global inter-connectiveness and global inter-dependence.                                                                                 
  2. YGLs work to re-frame problems as opportunities, and "re-imagine the world" as we would like to see it.                                                                        
  3. YGLs are committed to being uncomfortable in our decision-making. YGLs understand that leadership is often not a popularity contest and necessary change often requires leaders to get out of their comfort zones. This process requires us to positively and regularly challenge our own belief system.                                                                        

  1. YGL humbly accept that the real enemy may in fact be us: no more leadership-by-blame. YGLs accept that we are possibly both the partial solution, and the partial problem, in our individual and collective lives.                                                 
  2. YGLs embrace the Gandhi-inspired philosophy that we must be the change that we want to see in the world.                                                    
  3. YGLs agree to serve others, whether in business, politics, public service, community service or the arts. YGLs accept that we cannot be leaders unless we are prepared to serve ourselves.                                                    
  4. YGLs are defined by what we are for, and not what we are against.                                        
  5. YGLs embrace the love based leadership model, recognizing that there is both love and fear in the world, yet recognizing that arguably most leaders in the world today lead by fear. We vow to change all of that, through our individual and collective action.                                                                
  6. YGLs embrace solutions for ALL OF OUR children for the year 2030.                                                         
  7. YGLs understand that the very heart of YGL is the broader YGL community.

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