On China

Now that the inspiring Olympic games are over, and with the United States (the largest economy in the world) and Europe’s economy slowing (The UK reports the slowest growth of its economy in 60 years), you can expect some challenges in the Chinese economy, In short, the Olympics gave the Chinese economy a global (positive) jolt, and basically China manufacturers consumer good purchased by the United States and Europe (amongst other regions of course). And when the U.S. and European consumers stop buying things, China will have to slow the production of same, and with that you can expect the Chinese economy to slow considerably.  This said, Chinese leaders will have to be mindful of the social impact, on the Chinese people, of slowing economic growth.

In order for any economy to pull the poor out of poverty, it needs what anyone would call "regular economic growth" plus a couple percentage points.

As China continues to rise on the global stage, and its economy, global trade baseline stability becomes even more relevant to the rest of the world, everyone should be rooting for the continued success of China, and the wisdom of its leaders.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

Chairman, founder and CEO, Operation HOPE

Vice Chairman, U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy

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