Jhb_south_africa_one_year_2008_080Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Happy John Senwedi and I am a student of Vuselela (College) Taug Campus Carpentry Leanership Program and one of 12 students who successfully completed the Banking on Our Future program. I am here today to represent my fellow students and we greet you all respectfully in the name of our creator.

May Our Almighty God Bless You,

Thank you,

First, we would like to thank Dr. Monchwanaesi and the staff of Vuselela for giving us the opportunity to study carpentry. We would also like to thank the GTLM for making us aware of this wonderful program at Vuselela. Not only are we learning the basic skills of carpentry, we are also gaining knowledge on banking, entrepreneurship and dignity.

The most important part of the Banking on Our Future Program that we value is the lesson on Dignity. Before we came here we knew the word dignity but we didn’t understand the real meaning of the word. We’ve learnt that dignity is much more than having a good life and being able to do whatever we want to do in this world. Dignity also means hardwork, determination, humanity and having a positive attitude towards life. Dignity is self-belief and endurance to overcome any obstacles, having respect and being able to be respected, acceptance for various aspects of life and being kind to everyone. Dignity is being comprimising, putting your best effort forward and humbleness, being able to hold onto opportunities. This is what we call dignity.

Mr. Bryant you represent what dignity is. You came here all the way from the United States of America to our rural village in the Northwest province of South Africa to bring us hope. Mr. Bryant, words cannot describe how grateful we are about your program and how much knowledge we have gained from the Banking on Our Future curriculum but allow me to try. Mr. Bryant, you are the best. You are one of those who we wish could live an eternal life.

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